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I’m so grateful to have found a wonderful and caring mobile dentist for my mother. Your patience with my mom and with me in making sure we understood the work to be done, and the perfection of the work made a big difference in my mom’s comfort level at this time in her life. Aside from being a wonderful dentist you are a wonderful ,caring person. It is such a relief to have someone come to her and not have to compromise on the quality work performed. Again, thank you so much Dr.Mahler.

Judy Aaronson

I am Director of Nursing at Berkley East Convalescent Hospital
(100-bed facility) in Santa Monica. Many of our patients are bedridden
or simply are not ambulatory enough to travel to a dentist’s office
for their dental needs. Several years ago, I met Dr. Kurtzman who
offered to make visits to our facility and provide in-house dental services
to our patients.

Over this time, he has been very attentive and responsive to our calls
to provide dental care, tooth extraction, denture repair, oral
exams…. and many times with same day service. He is very
professional, has reasonable rates and we have never had any concerns
or complaints.

I would highly recommend him to any patient or facility in need of mobile dentistry services.

Holly Hargrove

I have been a patient of Dr. Kurtzman for 40-some years. This past year, I had the misfortune of breaking my pelvic bone, and was bedridden for over 3 months. During that time, I also had a major dental problem, and Dr. Kurtzman treated me at the physical rehabilitation center, and also at my home.Thank goodness for his patience and willingness to do that, as it turned out to be very helpful to me!

Rose Selesnick

My mother was seriously injured in a car accident. While recovering at Berkley East in Santa Monica with two broken ankles and other injuries,we were concerned she would not be able to see a dentist for months until she could put weight on her legs to visit a dentist’s office. Amongst her injuries she lost three front teeth and others were fractured. Then Dr. Kurtzman was recommended to us. He immediately came to see my mother and started working with us and her doctor to formulate a treatment plan. Within a couple of weeks my mother had the fractured teeth removed and a temporary fixed bridge in place, allowing her to eat more easily and naturally feel much better – all done without her having to walk a step. He has been very caring and considerate, keeping me posted on the progress and checking on my mother frequently to ensure her comfort.

G. Schacht, Brentwood

“Hi Dr. Kurtzman. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent dental care you gave my cousin in her assisted living facility recently. Since I live more than two hours away from my beloved cousin, I have to trust my instincts about new healthcare providers, and I felt from the beginning of our conversations that you have your patient’s best interest at heart. Thank you again!”


I did not know what to do when my mother who is 94 years old had a major dental problem. She is in a wheelchair and it is very difficult to get her in a car and transport her to a dentist. After hearing that I could set a an appointment with a house call dentist I found out about Comprehensive Mobile Dental Care and contacted them. There was an immediate response and within a short time they came out to see my mother. The care was incredible. Right in my mother’s room she was examined. The dentist, Dr. Gabrielle Mahler, x-rayed her teeth, fixed a partial and cleaned her teeth. The next visit a bridge was reinserted into her mouth and cemented in place as well as having her teeth cleaned. All of this done in the retirement home!! I am very thankful for the service and the gentle and understanding care the dentist provided.

Julie Korenstein