Dr. Gabrielle Mahler, D.M.D was a lifesaver!! My 84 year old father with dementia could not tolerate going to the dentist but needed extensive dental care to help him eat and keep him healthy. She was always patient and gentle with my father – even on days he was difficult to handle. Dr. Mahler regularly came to his home care facility and took care of all his dental needs for several years. She always carefully explained to us the best way to treat him. I especially loved that she had ways of addressing cavities in a senior patient that did not require fillings, anesthetic or drilling. I believe the treatment Dr. Mahler gave my father not only improved his quality of life, but extended his life too. I am so grateful to her.


Dr. Jordana Topp is very skilled with home-bound patients. Dr Topp has helped our mother, who lives in a senior care facility, on two occasions. The dentist arrived promptly, and provided a dental exam and cleaning for our mother. The first visit with Mom included dealing with mom’s dental pain and teeth requiring repairs. Dentist is skilled with working gently with our mother (age 92), who is frightened & resists because she has limited cognitive awareness. Dr Topp is kind, reassuring, and thorough. Comprehensive Mobile Dental Care is our “go-to” dentist for Mom, and we heartily recommend their services, for both routine and urgent dental care.

Don VanAtta

Dr. Mahler is a wonderful find! When my 95 year old mother could no longer travel to her dentist, I found Dr. Mahler, and I was thrilled. She used her skill to save Mom’s teeth until she died at 100. Mom was totally bed-bound but got the best care—professional and loving always. I highly recommend Dr. Gabrielle Mahler for her excellent in-home dental care!

Lian Hurst Mann

Dr. Topp cared for my mother who had dental problems related to dementia.Dr. Topp was professional and dedicated and I am grateful for all that she provided my mom through a very difficult time.


Called Dr. Mahler and my client was able to be scheduled the next day. Dr. Mahler has a calm, warm bedside manner. She is clearly competent and skilled. She explained what she was doing as she went along and why. She posed options and we were able to figure out the best course of treatment together. I highly recommend Dr. Mahler (as well as Dr. Topp who has been seeing a different client) for mobile dentistry. I would have either one of them see my own folks if they were still alive!

Barbara Hament

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