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Dental Do’s and Don’ts

Posted on December 13th, 2012 by InHomeDental

Recent Experience with Senior Dental Care

Posted on July 31st, 2012 by InHomeDental

“Do you like Birds of Paradise?” my patient asked me. “Yes, I love them” I replied. “I asked the gardener to cut you some, he left them by the door, Please take them when you leave. It’s the least I can do
to thank you.”
I had just finished doing a teeth cleaning and some necessary extractions for my patient whom I see every three months in the comfort of her own home.
You see, it is extremely difficult for her to get out of the house and so she saves those few times that she does get out to go to her medical appointments. She prefers to have the mobile dentist come to her. She suffers from a variety of ailments and never knows how she is going to be feeling on any given day.
The most recent day that I saw her, she gave me flowers as a token of her appreciation. Little does she know that the satisfaction of knowing that I made even a slight difference in someone’s life at the
end of the day is rewarding enough.
There are so many patients who are seniors, that are homebound or bedbound that would benefit from Comprehensive Mobile Dental Care’s at home dental service. And I am lucky to be able to serve those patients on a daily basis. It could be something as simple as adjusting a partial denture or as complicated as preparing a permanent bridge. Simply helping a patient out that would otherwise not be able to get in to see a dentist gives me a great deal of fulfillment. And some days, I even get flowers for it!